Design Services


Very simply our goal is to provide you with the garden you've imagined. Utilizing our design experience and horticultural knowledge we can create your ideal landscape either starting from scratch or modifying an existing garden. Whether you're looking to reimagine a small space or develop a master plan for an entire property we want you to love the results as well as the process. We listen carefully, we analyze your site thoroughly and we provide each client with a landscape design that is unique to their needs, site and budget. Please take a moment to look at our Portfolio to see some examples of our work.

Design Plan

We offer our clients complete detailed design plans including both hardscape and plant design drawings. Design Plans include all the important new and existing landscape features in your garden as well as a detailed list of all new plantings. For large projects that involve extensive new hardscape features or site grading, a Design Plan is often required to obtain competitive installation bids and building permits.

Design Program

For smaller projects and projects that involve only plant installation we offer our clients the option of a written Design Program in place of a Design Plan.  The Design Program provides a detailed written description of what plants are to be used, their botanical names, sizes and the exact locations where they will be planted. The Design Program also specifies any other work that will be part of the landscape project such as transplanting, grading or pruning.  For smaller projects a Design Program can often save a client time and money.

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